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Do you know about the Westmead Feelings Program?

The Westmead Feelings Program (WFP): Emotion-based Learning for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder is an evidence-based clinical intervention program, researched over the past 10 years. WFP is designed specifically to build the emotional and social skills of children on the autism spectrum.

This group-based intervention program helps children on the autism spectrum to understand the feelings of themselves and others, to problem solve, and to regulate their feelings.

Using WFP, teachers, parents, clinicians and children on the autism spectrum or other social difficulties, can work together to effectively express, communicate and work through emotions.


Children learn transferable skills with their peers, to recognise and understand emotions in themselves and others.


Parents, teachers, school staff and health professionals are invited to be upskilled as emotion coaches.


Improves emotional competence and mental health in children, family members and teachers.


The Westmead Feelings Program is offered by trained and certified health and education professionals.

Find out more about the research behind the Westmead Feelings Program, follow this link.

If you would like you child to join our next group please email me

*NDIS individual funding may be used to pay for sessions. Please speak to your WFP facilitator about whether this applies to your child.

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